There are two transitions we absolutely must walk through in this life. Birth and death. When a baby is born we see the experience as a moment of joy, a beautiful transition into this world. Death however, is much more difficult for many of us. But, with the right support and care, it can be just as beautiful of a transition.

For the families, this means surrounding your dying loved one with people who are important to them. Creating an uplifting, loving environment and reducing worry. It means honoring and performing ceremonies from your faith and tradition, the ones you hold most dear to your heart.

For a Transitional Guide, this means supporting the dying energetically. Taking them through the consciousness experiences before and after death. It is a Transitional Guide’s job to prepare the spiritual mind for the journey home.

My Work

As a Transitional Guide, I have worked with many families dealing with death. Each family I work with is unique and beautiful. All wanting the same thing, peace for their loved one. When I work with someone who is actively dying, I support them energetically. I connect with them at a higher level and help balance any mental or spiritual struggles they may have. My focus is to soothe and comfort them as they walk through their death transition. If they are confused, uncertain, or scared, I work with them to bring calm and understanding on a spiritual level.

I believe this work is very important. It is done all over the world through countless traditions and it makes a big difference in a person’s death journey. It eases the moment of release from the body as well as ensures one transitions smoothly to the otherside.

My Belief Structure

I am open to all religions and focus not on their differences, but on their similarities. When I work with someone who is dying, I work with them in their belief structure. What they hold most dear to their heart is what is important to me. I am simply working with them energetically, not as a representative of any religion, but as a supportive guide. My work is done with compassion and love.

What to Expect

When working with me, I will sit with your loved one and talk to them (if possible) and balance their spiritual energy, preparing them for their journey home. Communication is not necessary to do the work as the work is being done on a higher level. However, some people who are actively dying may find comfort in the conversation. Each person is unique and each situation is dealt with uniquely and with respect. If the work is being done via long distance, I will speak with you over the phone and do the energy work for your loved one remotely.

With each individual, I will continue to work with them after our first meeting. I will check in remotely and/or in person to stay up to date on their condition and energy. I will also continue to work with them after death to ensure they transition comfortably and with peace.

Local and Long Distance

While most of the people I work with are local, some are not. Distance is not a barrier for me. I have worked with people all over the country as well as outside of the country. If you are not local, much of the work will be done over the phone. I will speak to you about your loved one, do the work remotely, and keep you up to date on the progress. Currently I am only able to do this work locally in Portland, Oregon.


I charge a flat rate of $150. This includes all visits, all energy work from beginning to end regardless of the amount of time involved. I have worked with people for as little as an hour to as long as three weeks. Honestly, this work is close to my heart and payment simply covers transportation/phone costs. I do not do this work for profit.

Please call for an initial consultation 503-572-5681


While I am always extremely supportive and sensitive to a families emotional needs, I am not a licensed counselor or therapist. I work in the in-between, helping souls find peace and comfort.