As each of us grow in our spiritual lives, we sometimes become stuck or stagnant. We may also simply desire the intuitive knowledge which is right before us but just out of our grasp. A Spiritual Session is an opportunity to focus on your personal and spiritual growth and gain the practices and understandings you need to advance your spiritual studies and path.

Isabeau uses her intuitive abilities to connect with your guides and passed loved ones to find direction for you on your journey. With their knowledge and Isabeau’s teaching style, you’ll find yourself lifted up and on a forward progression again. Each Spiritual Session will be tailored to fit your needs, focusing on the most pressing issues for you at that time.

**While Spiritual Sessions are available to anyone over the age of 18, I will mentor a minor with the consent of his or her parent. In the case of mentoring a minor, the parent’s involvement is very important.**

Phone Rates

30 Minute Phone Session - $125
60 Minute Phone Session - $200

Video Rates

30 Minute Video Session - $175
60 Minute Video Session - $250

I first met Isabeau more than 12 years ago when she helped me connect with my father, whom I had lost some years before. Since then, I have had the opportunity to both experience Isabeau’s amazing abilities and learn from her. I am a professional Medium myself, and Isabeau is the only other intuitive I trust implicitly to provide direct and accurate information. Her compassion is unparalleled, but she also knows how to assert herself in the face of spiritual and energetic challenges. Isabeau is incredible!
— Brenda
I have had several readings with Beau over the years. Each reading has brought me new insights as well as confirming my own intuitions. During the readings, I have heard from many of the people in my family who have past. Some I was very close to and some I never met in person. She has even picked up on their sense of humor and nuances which I find very comforting. The comfort in knowing I am being watched over and guided is hard to put into words. I have recommended her to many friends over the years and each has had a unique experience that has helped them on their path.
— Lisa