As each of us grow in our spiritual lives, we sometimes become stuck or stagnant. We may also simply desire the intuitive knowledge which is right before us but just out of our grasp. An hour Mentoring Session is an opportunity to focus on your personal spiritual growth and gain the practices and understandings you need to advance your spiritual studies and path.

Each Mentoring Session will be tailored to fit your needs. All levels of abilities are welcome, from beginners to professionals. Each session will address the most pressing issues for you at that time. For some, improving their reading techniques will be important. For others, reclaiming their own personal balance through intuition will be important.


Phone Sessions
60 Minutes - $100

Skype Sessions
60 Minutes - $150

**While Mentoring Sessions are available to anyone over the age of 18, I will mentor a minor with the consent of his or her parent. In the case of mentoring a minor, the parent’s involvement is very important.**

A Mentor Session is Valuable in So Many Ways

* You will gain deeper understanding of the direction your path is taking you spiritually.

* You will learn intuitive and spiritual practices to increase your focus, and thus increase your advancement on your path.

* You will learn will how to protect yourself spiritually, bringing calm to chaos.

* You will learn how to stimulate and build your own personal intuitive strengths.

* You will learn how to fine tune your psychic and mediumship abilities, thus improving your reading technique.

* You will learn how to separate imagination from intuition.

* You will learn deeper understandings of how intuition works uniquely with you.