Sold Quickly - North 35th Street, Seattle

Instructions given to the seller:

  • The future owner is someone who needs a “blank slate.”  Stage the home spare, sharp and with clean lines. Use high end artwork on walls.

  • The kitchen is what will sell the place - buyer is a hobby chef who will want nicer appliances.

  • Right as you walk into the kitchen lay three long stem flowers (not in a vase but directly) on top of the white counter - counter area that is facing the living room. Daisies or something similar to a daisy, not roses. This will amp up the energy at the first open house.

  • For open houses no cookies - instead, set out a plate of mini-croissants.

  • Another realtor will look at the place before it’s even listed.

  • The buyer is an intellect and loves to cook.

Important timelines:

  • The seller will receive a PSA between Jan 14th and Feb 20th, 2019.

  • One offer will come in at that time and then two more offers quickly after the first offer.


  • Seller was offered a PSA on February 1, 2019.

  • Two more offers came in within a few days after the first offer

Multiple Bidders - NE Oregon Street, Portland - October 17, 2018

Instructions given to the seller:

  • I removed of a variety of stagnant energies in the building that were causing confusion and a lag in attracting possible future owners.

  • New energy was brought into the building to increase forward momentum of a sale and to attract future owners that would be the best fit.

  • There was nothing further that the current owner needed to do at this time.

  • The current owners would receive multiple offers before deciding on one offer.

Important dates:

  • A PSA would be in place by the end of 2018.


  • The owners received four offers during the first two weeks of December 2018. An offer was chosen and a PSA was signed for $1,700,000 over their asking price.