Stagnant, empty and frustrated. These are the feelings we experience when our property won't sell. You've cleaned it, staged it, even brought in pleasant smells but it still won't move. While you've done all that you know to do, there is one more option to consider, a energy clearing. 

Home is where we spend much of our time laughing, crying, making big decisions and changes. Over time, we fill our home with our personal spiritual energy. Sometimes that energy will block your house from selling as it might not fit with the future owners. Cleaning the energy in the home, just like cleaning the counter tops, makes an enormous difference in your home resonating with the right buyers.

Commercial properties go through the same struggles, collecting energy of all those who have come and gone over the years. A clearing creates a fresh start for the next owner to bring in their passion and drive.

Clearings reset a property’s environment energetically so the sellers, buyers, agents and everyone affected by the transition are able to move forward in life.

What to expect during a session

We will meet for approximately 45-60 minutes on the phone or via video. During our meeting I will intuitively read the property and provide you with helpful information regarding the sale of the property, the future buyers and timeline. In addition I will clear out old, stagnant energy and in many cases, set the energy to welcome the next owner. You will be provided with a final report outlining:

  • Any current issues that are holding the property back that need to be addressed by you and the solutions to those issues.

  • What energetic balancing was done during the session.

  • Important dates and timing around the sale of the property.

  • The ideal selling timeline.

Confidentiality and discretion are always honored. Your information will never be shared with outside parties.


60 Minute Phone Session - $200
60 Minute Video Session - $250

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a clearing beneficial?

For the owner or real estate agent wishing to sell... a spiritual clearing will clear out old energy built up over the years. This gives the future owner that crisp, clean feeling when they visit the property. It will also remove any energetic blockages hindering the sale and attract the perfect potential buyers. Lastly, a clearing is a time when we are able to ask for assistance in guiding the perfect buyers to the property.

Do you only clear homes?

No. I also do clearings for undeveloped land, businesses and commercial property for sale. If a business is struggling and experiencing odd coincidences, it may need to be cleared spiritually which will open up the financial flow once again. Commercial buildings also may benefit from a clearing if they are for sale or for rent, in order to attract the perfect fit for a buyer or renter.

Do you have to be local to do a clearing?

While I prefer to be local, it is not necessary. Remote clearings are just as effective as in person clearings. I am currently located on the west coast of the United States and have performed numerous remote clearings, including a castle in France. Distance is not an issue.

What size properties to you clear?

I have cleared everything from a 500 square foot home in New Hampshire to a 54,000 square foot abandoned asylum in New York.

“Dear Beau, We had the best night sleep in MONTHS maybe years. We feel amazing. All my pain is gone and I am feeling energy like never before. The space is light and clear and I am at peace. And, another client commented that it felt cleaner in here today. THANK YOU! We are so happy to know you.”

— Anna, Newburyport, ME

Case Studies

Sold Quickly - North 35th Street, Seattle

Instructions given to the seller:

  • The future owner is someone who needs a “blank slate.”  Stage the home spare, sharp and with clean lines. Use high end artwork on walls.

  • The kitchen is what will sell the place - buyer is a hobby chef who will want nicer appliances.

  • Right as you walk into the kitchen lay three long stem flowers (not in a vase but directly) on top of the white counter - counter area that is facing the living room. Daisies or something similar to a daisy, not roses. This will amp up the energy at the first open house.

  • For open houses no cookies - instead, set out a plate of mini-croissants.

  • Another realtor will look at the place before it’s even listed.

  • The buyer is an intellect and loves to cook.

Important timelines:

  • The seller will receive a PSA between Jan 14th and Feb 20th, 2019.

  • One offer will come in at that time and then two more offers quickly after the first offer.


  • Seller was offered a PSA on February 1, 2019.

  • Two more offers came in within a few days after the first offer

Multiple Bidders - NE Oregon Street, Portland - October 17, 2018

Instructions given to the seller:

  • I removed of a variety of stagnant energies in the building that were causing confusion and a lag in attracting possible future owners.

  • New energy was brought into the building to increase forward momentum of a sale and to attract future owners that would be the best fit.

  • There was nothing further that the current owner needed to do at this time.

  • The current owners would receive multiple offers before deciding on one offer.

Important dates:

  • A PSA would be in place by the end of 2018.


  • The owners received four offers during the first two weeks of December 2018. An offer was chosen and a PSA was signed for $1,700,000 over their asking price.