Gathering with friends and family is a wonderful way to connect and share our lives with each other! Adding intuitive readings to an event creates an experience they won’t forget. With each attendee taking time out to discover insight about their life and path, it creates that special something of conversation and enjoyment to your event!

At your party there will be two readers. Myself and Brett Sullivan ( Your guests will be able to a reading from each of us. I am a psychic medium and Brett is a Tarot card reader. As intuitives, we are able to provide information both about your life path, past and present. Each party guest will experience their own unique readings tailored to what they are needing most.

Prepare Your Guests for Their Readings

Have your guests:

* Write down their important questions ahead of time

* Bring with them an object from their passed loved one for the reader to hold

* Talk to their passed loved one(s) the day of the event. Ask the loved ones to be with them during their session. I have found this to be very effective in bringing loved ones closer and allowing more accurate information during a session.

* Bring a photograph of anyone they may wish to communicate with in their session (best if concealed in an envelope)

**While Readings are available to anyone over the age of 18, I will read for a minor in the presence of his or her parent.**

Currently Psychic Parties are only available in the Portland, Oregon area. Please contact me directly to book your Psychic Party today!

I held a party for my closest friends, something I planned as a unique thank you to them for their support during a health crisis that they saw me through. It was absolutely so special and personal, a total success! My friends were moved by Beau’s messages from past loved ones and guides as she seamlessly did one reading after another in a private den in the home while the rest of the gals hung out and visited and chatted about the meaningfulness of their readings. The readings left each attendee super happy, including some healing tears that were shed during the special gift of private readings at a psychic party among friends.
— Nancy G.

About Psychic Parties

* A minimum of 6 guests (not including the host) is required.  $50 for each additional guest.

* Two fifteen minute readings for each guest. One Psychic Medium Reading and one Tarot Reading

* A travel rate of $50/hour applies for all travel up and above 30 miles of Portland, Oregon

* The host of the event will receive two free readings

* Readings are done in separate rooms away from the party to give your guests privacy

* Prepayment of $300 (6 guests) is required to book your event, host to collect all monies

* Full refund will be issued for cancellations done up to 24 hour prior to the event