Finding and buying the perfect home or commercial property can be daunting. Due diligence takes a lot of work. Working with an Intuitive Real Estate Consultant smoothes out some of the bumps and speed up the process by providing you with valuable intuitive information.

  • Is this the right property to buy?

  • Are there any red flags I should be concerned with?

  • What amount should I offer the seller?

What to expect when using an Intuitive Real Estate Consultant

The first step is a 15 minute phone consultation, during which we will discuss your goals for purchasing real estate. From there you will receive access to a private online project board. In this private, online board you will be able to very easily enter a property address you are interested in purchasing. Your entry will notify me, I will do an intuitive review of the property and I will send you my findings. I work on retainer doing up to ten property reviews per month.

Confidentiality and discretion are always honored. Your information will never be shared with outside parties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is each property review delivered?

We will be communicating through a shared online app. It is a very simple and streamlined process. You enter the address of the property you’re interested in buying and I will send you my intuitive findings via email. By using this process it saves you valuable time and money.

What if I want you to review more than ten properties in a month?

Any property reviews you wish to have done up and above the ten included in the retainer will be charged $45 per property review.

What if I am looking to purchase multiple properties?

My retainer works very well for investors who purchase properties on an ongoing basis. The simplicity of the review process allows them to get the intuitive information quickly and streamline their search process.