Do you receive negative information?

No. If there is information that needs to be passed to you of any negative nature it will be given to you in such a way that it helps your life, not hinders it. Your guides and loved ones care about you. There is no reason for them to tell you something horrible just so you can worry about it. They will be honest with you and provide you with what you need to know, but they will not share information you cannot handle or leave you without a path to fix the issue. If you have met with a psychic and they have told you something scary and/or that you are cursed (and possibly need to buy expensively “blessed” candles to break the curse) then you have been scammed.

Do you channel?

There are many definitions of channeling. I am not a physical channel. When I read a spirit’s energy, they are standing in front of me. At no time do they step “into” me. It is very much like having a conversation with anyone else. When I read, my energy is vibrating high enough to directly communicate with those on the otherside. As I raise my vibrational level, spirits on the otherside lower their vibrational level, creating a meeting ground where information is exchanged.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides are spiritual beings that come in many forms. Animals, human, loved ones or strangers. They “sign up” to guide you for various reasons. Some spirit guides are there throughout your lifetime, like a friend watching over you to guide you on your path. Other spirit guides come into your life when you reach a particular landmark, typically a difficult point. They work with you in a supportive manner, and stay with you until you’ve worked through what you need to work through. Messages I receive from those types of spirit guides are usually very strong because it is their goal to help you overcome the struggles in your life. Spirit guides can be, but aren’t necessarily, loved ones.

Should children hone their intuition?

Children who are intuitive tend to be very sensitive. A young person’s years can be difficult to navigate. Adding intuitive abilities piles on another layer to the chaos, sometimes resulting in fear. This however can be smoothed out with development and understanding. It is important to support children and teens who have intuitive abilities. By working together with them, they are able to learn not only how to use their abilities positively, but also how to protect themselves spiritually. By teaching them basic management of their intuition, you ease their anxiety, regain their focus in this world, and help them avoid negative energies. I love children and I enjoy working with them in the awareness, understanding, and development of their unique intuitive abilities. If you have a teen who is struggling with their abilities, consider a Mentor Session to help them grasp what is happening to them and also to assist them in taking control over their situation.

What are your religious beliefs?

I was raised Christian and have since found interest in some of the teachings of Buddhism. I still, however, follow the teachings of Jesus. Probably because they are so true, universal, and simply make sense. Also because he is an incredible man and there is much to learn from him. I make a point not to settle in to only one belief system, thus keeping myself open to possibilities. In the end, I am open to all different religions and I am not concerned with who is right and who is wrong. It is my belief that everyone eventually gets to the top of the mountain. It is not a special place reserved for a select few. When it comes to climbing the mountain, people simply start in different places with many paths leading to the top. Embrace your path and make it amazing!