My loved one is dying. Is there something I can do to help them spiritually?

Absolutely. The process of dying is a sacred time and one that provides beautiful opportunities. Deeper connection, release of the more petty aspects of life, and priceless moments are found on the path to death. Our culture has looked upon death as something to be feared when, in reality, it is a beautiful journey home. Acknowledge everything that your loved one speaks of. If they tell you their deceased mother is in the room, ask them about her. Do not ignore your loved one’s connection and communication with the otherside. It is part of the transition and is something that can provide comfort. A beautiful example of this transition can be found in Chapter 27 (Carol’s Death) in Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium. I am available for consultations in regards to the passing of your loved one. For more information visit the Transitional Guide page.

Does the work you do easy the family's emotional pain?

Yes and no. In a positive way, it will provide you with the comfort of knowing your loved one is alright and at peace after they have passed. However, the grief will still be there. It is a natural part of the death process and actually should be experienced. The emotional pain one feels for the loss of someone they love is a tribute to their connection. It is an honoring of that soul and what they brought to your life. In many ways grief can be a beautiful statement.

Are you able to do Transitional work from a distance?

Yes. Since Transitional work is done at a higher level, distance is not an issue. It is helpful to have a direct contact to work with on the phone as the work is being done.

What do you believe the afterlife is like?

I no longer fear death and I work hard to understand the other dimensions and how they play into our everyday lives. It is my belief there is no one particular place called Heaven or Hell. I believe all aspects of the concepts of Heaven and Hell are right here on earth. After we pass, we go to the “dimension” that many people call the otherside. It is all around us, and we are within it. Earth is a place for spiritual beings to come and challenge themselves emotionally, physically and spiritually. I do feel that spirits have emotions and feelings on the otherside, with earth being a pit stop for them to really focus on particular experiences and growth. With that said, I absolutely believe in reincarnation and I see reincarnation as “just another experience.” Everything is vibrating, science has recognized that. Our vibrational levels as human beings are slower and hold us to this planet while spirit’s energy is vibrating at a much faster speed. All around you are beings with vibrational levels much higher than ours, thus you cannot see them with the naked eye.

What role do our loved ones play on the otherside?

Loved ones are a part of your collective group in the afterlife. I like to think of them as a group of friends. Imagine you are on the otherside with this group of friends and you say, “Hey guys… I’m heading to Earth to live out some experiences.” Your friends will each take different roles in the life you are going to live on Earth. Some come to Earth and meet up with you exactly when you need them. Others stay behind and guide you from the otherside. Still others come to here, know you on Earth, die, and then guide you from the otherside as well. Ever meet someone and felt like you’ve known them forever?