Do long distance clearings work?

The only difference between on-site clearings versus long distance clearings is the communication between myself and the living people. In a long distance clearing we will be speaking on the phone instead of in person. The same amount of time will be spent over the phone as it would have if I was at your location. Knowing how to function effectively in the in-between, where unsettled spirits reside, is the key to clearing land, people, and buildings. Distance does not stop me from working in the in-between. In the end, my goal is to help. Distance does not limit me. I have performed clearings for people all over the world.

Why does my home (or other location) feel haunted?

I find the spirits and energies that affect a location are either there when you move in, drawn in by people, or active because of construction or major changes taking place. There is a variety of reasons why a spirit might be haunting a location or person and I will do my best to share with you that information when we meet.

Am I cursed?

The quick and easy answer to that question is NO. Telling someone that they are cursed is a popular scam artist technique done by many “psychics” out there. First they tell you that you are cursed, then they ask you to pay hundreds of dollars to remove the curse. Sadly, many people have fallen victim to this type of scam. Please know that giving an energy worker hundreds and hundreds of dollars is most likely not in your best interest!

Does a clearing work every time?

I have done countless clearings and have found my success rate to be 99%. Of the many homes and businesses I have cleared in the past, only a few have required me to come back and clear again. Once you understand how energy truly works, it is easy to clear it.

What should I expect from a Spiritual Clearing?

During the process, I will start by evaluating the energetics and identifying the source (spirits) and reasons behind the imbalance. I will then clear the area, cross lost and conflicted spirits over to the otherside and sweep out negative residual energy. After a home clearing, you will find the members of the household are less irritable, sleep better at night, feel less stressed, and feel more safe. A clearing of a person, will help them regain happiness, strength, and a sense of peace. In a business, you will find the people who work there to have the same positive effects plus the business will be in a better energetic position. Many times this results in an increase in business and profit.

How long does it take to do a Spiritual Clearing?

Most spiritual clearings take approximately 45 minutes. Occasionally this can vary. Please contact me to inquire about estimated times of larger spaces and/or more severe cases of Detachment (exorcism).

Could my deceased loved one be stuck and not crossed over?

Yes, but it isn’t as bad as it may sound. The in-between is a place each of us experience when we transition to the otherside. Some people choose to linger in the in-between while others cross over quickly. Some struggle with their death transition and remain in the in-between until they can process what they need to process in order to cross over. I work with those spirits to help them complete their transition. So, if your loved one is still in the in-between and has not crossed yet, there is most likely a good reason. I work to help them along so they can finish their transition and return to your side in a spiritual, peaceful state.

Will you be able to help my loved ones if they have recently passed away?

Yes, I am able to connect with spirits immediately after their death. I see spirits who have crossed into the light and those who are still lingering in the in-between. Information received shortly after death typically is about what they wished they would have said. Things they feel are not yet complete, and expressions of care for those left behind. It is important we all complete our transition after death. Lingering within the in-between is not helpful for the spirit or those left behind. This aspect of my job is one that I truly take to heart. I am honored to help.

What signs should I look for that my home or business is haunted?

There are obvious signs and not-so-obvious signs. Apparitions, unexplained sounds, major temperature changes, and furniture or doors moving are all obvious signs. Not-so-obvious signs include nightmares, odd behaviors from pets, unexplained personality changes in living people, email and phone difficulties. If you are experiencing only one of these signs, chances are you are not dealing with a haunting. If you are experiencing multiple signs, you may be experiencing a haunting.

Can the homeowner just tell the spirits to go away?

Yes, in some cases it does work and it is always a good place to start before contacting a specialist. But, asking a spirit to leave is not as effective as assisting them in crossing over and completing their spiritual transition. “Banishing” a spirit leaves the door open for them to return and fall back into the haunting pattern they started earlier. Crossing a spirit over means they will lose the need to affect people negatively and will move forward on their spiritual journey. Everyone deserves to go home, even negative spirits.

Do you perform exorcisms?

Yes, but I prefer to use the term “Detachment”. Due to the intense nature of Detachments, please contact me directly to discuss the process.