Focused Spiritual Coaching Sessions with Beau Maxwell 

BBC Sessions are structured to fast forward you on your path by effectively and quickly bringing you back to center. 

After doing thousands of readings and coaching sessions over the years I have witnessed the common stumbling blocks for many of my clients. And while we don’t always need a full hour long reading, it is helpful to focus on something that is kicking us off balance and readjust back into our strength, our center. Doing meaningful inner work on a regular basis is part of moving forward on a healthy and vibrant spiritual path. And these coaching sessions will help you do just that.

These sessions flow by going from conscious understanding to awareness to solutions... and it ends with an integrative meditation to boost you forward with the inner work you've just done. Each BBC session is structured with four very important steps:

  • A cognitive understanding of the issue at hand

  • A review of past, current and potential future difficulties

  • Applicable practices to alleviate the issue and return to center

  • An integrative and healing meditation to reset your focus

Sessions are 90 minutes in length, held as a group session via Zoom (video conferencing). While sharing is encouraged, there are no requirements to share with the group. $39/person. Group size limited to 14.

Join me for a 90 minute focused spiritual coaching session and bring yourself back to center!
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Setting Healthy Boundaries

Monday, July 29th, 4pm PST/7pm EST - Sold Out
Thursday, August 22nd, 10am PST/1pm EST - Spots Available

Over time we are slowly pushed to do more or give more of ourselves than what is healthy for us. Worse yet, we are raised to put ourselves and our mental health second to all others. What can be done to get out of this corner you are backed into? How can you shift the old training within yourself to set a new standard for your soul? How do you restructure the idea of unconditional love to benefit all involved, including yourself? Join me for solutions, practices and, as always, an integrative meditation practice to assist you in setting healthy boundaries.

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Finding Your Support System

Saturday, August 3rd, 10am PST/1pm EST - Sold Out

Many of us are stepping into our spiritual path and leaving parts of our old ways of thinking behind. As you grow spiritually, this can mean no longer resonating with your typical social circles. So what is one to do? How do you move through the pain of releasing the old connections? And, more importantly, how do you find your new, spiritual tribe? The answers might not be as straight forward as you think. This session is focused on manifesting tools and physical practices to manifest a reconnection to members of your soul group.

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Releasing Negativity

Tuesday, August 13th, 11am PST/2pm EST

Negativity is a pattern, a habit that can invite you into an unhappy existence. It is either taught, absorbed, or a reaction to your environment. One thing that is certain, negativity is not a natural state of being. How do you put a halt to negative thinking? Isn’t negative thinking sometimes helpful? Is it possible for you to shift into a lighter and brighter experience? Sneak peak… yes, it is! That is because behind every negative thought there is a positive source. Join me for this coaching session as I show you how to uncover the intelligence behind thought patterns and how to shift them into a more natural, loving focus.

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Uncovering Blocks and Releasing Fear

Sunday, August 18th, 4pm PST/7pm EST

Blocks and fear are debilitating and hold us in place. We want to move forward, to release them, to shake it off, but just can’t seem to do it sometimes. What would happen if you could see the blocks and fear at their root? At their most vulnerable? Are you ready to move past them and step into the next chapter of your life? Blocks and fear should not, and do not, define you. You are not broken, you are simply stalled at the most current train stop. Join me as we apply tools to uncover the root, grease up the wheels and get your train moving again!

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