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Isabeau, an international known medium, author and teacher, has touched the lives of people across the world. Known for her compassion and accuracy, Isabeau brings peace and comfort to many through her efficient home and business clearings and deeply insightful readings and teachings. She has been tested for her accuracy in mediumship. However, this does not stop her from consistently reaching higher intuitive levels.

Isabeau is the founder of The SAGE Method, a life-changing intuitive training program that teaches people how to open their intuition and live an authentic, blissful life. She is also the creator of Discovery Meditation and the author of Cracking Open: Adventures of a Reluctant Medium.

With a bachelor’s degree from Minnesota State University with a major in mathematics and a minor in chemistry, Isabeau maintains a balanced perspective between this world and the next. Down-to-earth and easy to connect with, Isabeau offers safe space for students and clients to process the intuitive information they are provided.

Had a very positive experience! She was very pleasant to speak with and I was left in a high vibration after getting off the phone :) she is very effective and can see very clear. I 100% recommend!
— Brian