The SAGE Method

The SAGE Method is the most down-to-earth, comprehensive intuition development program around. Offering small steps like spiritual cleanses and meditations to larger spiritual leaps like The SAGE Method 7 week course. No matter where you are starting, there is something for you!

Spiritual Sessions

A Spiritual Session is a time where Isabeau is able to tap into your energy and connect with your guides to explore your spiritual path and provide you with the guidance you need to move forward on your path. Awareness and adjustment are the focus in a spiritual session.

Free Sacred Space Event

When a group of compassionate individuals come together with the same intention, their focus becomes very powerful. Join us as we send positive energy out to the world and feed our own energy systems with delicious positivity at the same time. Set your intention to compassion and love.

Beau is amazing!! Her work is indescribable. She has helped me through one if the hardest times in my life and helped me to overcome some major obstacles by aligning with my true self and spiritual work. I cannot say how much she has helped me because it is immeasurable. She helped to clear some awful energy from my home and helped me to connect with some very important guides to progress on my spiritual path. I would not have the level of staying present that I do right now if it was not for her help. Thank you so so much!!!
— Elissa