Isabeau maxwell, founder of the sage method

Isabeau maxwell, founder of the sage method

As a medium, I am filled with joy to be able to provide my clients with intuitive information and assistance. Each session is done according to what that person needs in the moment. I am able to view a person’s life path, what is standing in their way and assist in clearing the unwanted negative energy blocking them. In addition to spiritual clearings I provide intuitive support to those on their spiritual paths through Spiritual Mentoring and through teaching The SAGE Method. I am passionate supporting people's potential growth and advancement


The SAGE Method

The SAGE method is a unique and empowering program, proven to cultivate strong psychic awareness and accurate intuition. Overcome fear. Take charge of your life. Create Balance!

Spiritual Clearings

Some of the most important work I do is balance energies that cannot otherwise be balanced. I do three types of Spiritual Clearings. Land, property and people. All of which I do with a one time visit.

Spiritual Mentoring

As each of us grow in our spiritual lives, we sometimes become stuck or stagnant. A Mentoring Session focuses on your personal spiritual growth and helps you to advance your spiritual studies and path.

Want to start your intuitive journey right now? Join me in my SAGE Community where members access The Free Top Five Intuitive Tools, other intuitive courses and much more! Join us today to learn, grow and be a part of a growing community of spiritual seekers.